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  1. Balancing UX Design and Conversion-Rate Optimization

    August 2, 2021

    Whether you are designing a Web site or a mobile app, both UX design and conversion-rate optimization (CRO) play important roles in lead generation, conversion, and retention. To achieve optimal results, you need to establish a symbiotic relationship between UX design and CRO, in which they supplement one another’s efforts and work together to achieve common goals.

    Focusing too much on either UX design or CRO is often to the detriment of the other, so it’s important to strike the right balance between them. Before I provide some tips on how to balance UX design and CRO, let’s look at these two terms in context. Read More

  2. Using Customer Psychology to Improve User Engagement on Your Web Site

    August 8, 2022

    Customer psychology refers to human behavior in regard to people’s buying habits, traditions, values, and preferences and plays a very important role in any business. Many companies are now leveraging customer psychology to improve user engagement. However, most businesses are still missing the essentials of customer psychology, which causes them to lose out on potential business opportunities.

    Could companies lose customers over something as minor as the color of a button or the layout of text on their Web site? Yes! In this article, I’ll share a few principles of customer psychology that could help you improve your Web site's usability and customer experience and, as a result, increase user engagement. Redesigning their Web site to achieve better user engagement has benefited some of the industry’s best brands by attracting new customers and multiplying their return on investment (ROI). Read More

  3. 5 Ways to Hook SaaS Users on Your Product

    May 17, 2021

    Building a SaaS (Software as a Service) business from the ground up can be challenging. Having spent a lot of time coming up with a unique idea that generates value for your customers, you want to see the business grow.

    Growing a SaaS business is not an easy road to follow. Dozens of obscure SaaS startups never take off or fail during the early stages of their existence. To grow and sustain your SaaS business, you need to find a way to onboard new customers and keep their churn rate low.

    In this article, I’ll describe five ways to hook users on your SaaS product. But first, you need to understand what a SaaS company is. Read More

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